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Committed to making the appraisal process easier, we pride ourselves on delivering detailed, accurate valuation reports, paired with the fastest, most reliable turn-around times in the region.

Why Get an Appraisal?

Clients choose Coast Appraisals for a wide variety of reasons including:
+ Real Estate Purchase & Sale
Mortgage Financing
+ Insurance Valuation
+ Taxation Purposes
+ Property Value Disputes
+ Divorce and Family Law
+ Probate
+ Renovation Decisions
+ Litigation
+ Historic Assessments
+ Market/Development Analysis
+ Subdivision
+ Capital Gains
+ Employee Relocation
+ Foreclosure/Court-Ordered Sale
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Areas Covered

Now Serving the Central Island

From downtown Victoria to Courtenay/Comox and throughout the Gulf Islands, we’ve got Vancouver Island well-covered, no matter how urban or rural the property.

Properties We Appraise

Single Family Homes




Multi-Family Strata Developments

Mixed-Use Strata Developments

New Construction From Plans

Vacant Land


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